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Save water, save money!

In these drought-like conditions in the Northeast, I’ve been dreaming up ways to keep my plants looking beautiful without wasting a ton of water.  I realized that it takes quite a bit of time to warm up the water in my faucet to wash dishes.  So, now I keep a big pitcher handy and catch the cool water…it gives me a whole pitcher that I can use to water my inside and outside potted plants!

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Summer’s Coming…Bring It On (decorating-wise, I mean)!

I’m getting the itch to switch.  Switch out my clothes, my throw pillows, my winter blankets, my pinecones in baskets.  It is definitely past time for a seasonal refresher!

I was at HomeGoods this week looking for some pieces for a client…I couldn’t help but notice all of the fun summer merchandise they have stocked right now!  From fun white dishes to fresh placemats and tablecloths.  What really caught my eye were all the summer quilts in soft colors, as well as shell prints.   What a great inexpensive way to freshen up any bedroom, especially a guest room.

While you are at it, add a few touches of the summer to come with seashells or some artificial lemons or limes in large glass containers.  These can be placed anywhere in the home, not just in the kitchen.

Another idea…start an herb garden in a sunny window.  Nothing says Spring or Summer like the smell and taste of fresh herbs!  You can buy herbs at your local home improvement center (i.e., Home Depot or Lowes) very inexpensively.  Plop it in a little clay pot (first add a few pebbles at the bottom to aid drainage and loosen the roots if they are rootbound) with some good potting soil and place it in your sunniest window.  There is nothing better than snipping off your own fresh basil to add to your tomato and fresh mozarella salad.  Drizzle with a little olive oil, splash with a little red wine vinegar, and Voila!  You have summer on a plate.


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Beautiful ferns at Costco for $15

I love the look of huge ferns flanking a front stoop or at the base of the stairs leading to a patio, especially in large black urns.  I was at the Leesburg Costco today and saw large ferns for about $15.  Great deal for the size!

Just beware you might find little birdies nesting in them by your front door.  My neighbor had a little bird family living in hers last year!

“Happy Spring!”

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Quickie of the Day: Prune your roses

It’s that time of year again, and all of the snow has made this Spring really pop!  After spending several days outside weeding, pruning, fertilizing bushes, mulching, mowing and staining our playset, we are ready for some R&R (my husband worked really hard the past few days).

Now is a great time to prune your roses and remove dead wood.  Just remember, it is tempting to plant lots of flowers right now, but it is a bit early.  Do not plant non-hardly flowers yet!  You can prune spring-flowering trees/shrubs after they bloom.

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